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Every home needs to be strong, resilient, built with quality workmanship. There should be confidence in the foundation and materials that go into the covering, top, known as the roof. The barrage of weather elements such as rain, snow, wind and heat can give your home a beating that affects it over time damaging the roof. So make sure it is a sound one containing all the factors that matter most. After all it should be a source of protection, energy efficiency, and increase your home value. However one cannot avoid natural weather occurrence that bring about destruction and trees falling that may land on a home and yes the roof surface. It is possible at any time to any home for many reasons.

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All Fall Down

Many home owners across the states have had the experience sadly, of a tree landing on top of their home requiring immediate roof repair. What are some reasons this occurs you may ask? Well there are a myriad of explanations including that of an unhealthy tree, weather, damage due to poor construction, shallow or unstable tree root system.


The Root of it All

An unhealthy tree is more times than not due to root rot. Heavy rains accumulating in the trees' soil will cause water damage and fungus to take hold of that tree and during severe weather is more prone to topple on to the roof causing a dangerous and expensive situation. Rain can be a source of a lot of concern with trees and especially with age and poor maintenance offers many problematic scenarios.


What happens Next

If the trunk, limbs, and leaves have hit and damaged the roof you will need to hire a roofing company. This is essential to take the situation from disaster to solution. That will come from securing your roof and home until the roofer and his team can service the roof. First it is important to be careful and limit your interaction with the roof as it can proof dangerous if you are not experienced in handling trees, roofs, and rooms that may have been affected.


Steps After A Tree Lands on the Roof

  1. Evacuate your home- Getting together some items or having an emergency bag ready to assist in your stay away from home and out of harms way might be necessary if that tree has fallen and caused holes or opening in your roof. Never underestimate but take heed to the warnings and thing noticed/ There can be more damage that occurs after the initial tree falls that include wiring or fire issues. Not to mention the elements coming in through the damaged roof to injure you or damage items inside the home. It is a good idea to have an actual evacuation plan that you work through with family members. In that emergency bag should be prepared items, documents, and warm dry clothing for a possible stay away from home.


  1. Call 9-1-1-This service is your friend and will dispatch whatever service agency is needed to assess, assist, and provide safety in a possibly unforeseen challenge. they will also provide resources and details that you may not be aware of have thought of.

Contact Insurance Company-The insurance company has the tools to take it in their hands to remove the tree, they will provide steps to take and even offer payment for roofers to come out. If the damage is due to homeowner negligence or interference that can work against you.


  1. Contact a Roofing Contractor This can be difficult or challenging to find a reputable company. The thought of it may stress you out as there is a cost sometimes quite hefty with hiring someone. Also there can be scammers out there that are ready to cause more harm to your roof than imaginable. Talk to your neighbors, listen to who has been utilized and word of mouth is big for reputation and experience. Sometimes having some roofing companies that are local and tested information to pull or draw from in a critical situation like a roof with a fallen tree and debris.


  1. Secure your home-Before you leave if possible make sure that the home is locked up and covered up as much as possible to guard against theft or elements getting inside.


Trees are beautiful aesthetic to a home and it's surrounding. They provide so much when it comes to shielding and environmental positives. However it can be devastating if during any time that source becomes a liability. It is important to reiterate that having a plan in place ahead of that occurring will be one of the smartest decision put in place.

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